FixturesLive is now part of the Teamer family

I’m pleased to announce that FixturesLive has joined Teamer.

As part of the Teamer family we’ll be able to integrate clubs and leagues with their very popular systems. They have 3m users in over 100,000 teams in over 50 countries, and many FixturesLive clubs and teams have been using them for many years, mainly via their their mobile team app.

There will be no changes to the FixturesLive systems for the coming winter season, nor to the support we have been providing for the last 17 years – so please carry on as normal. We will be in touch in the months ahead about changes and new features, to provide an improved and more joined-up experience for everyone.

I’d like to thank everyone for your help in building FixturesLive up to this point – some of you going back 17 years – and we look forward to helping you out for seasons to come.

If you have any comments, please let me know at

David Lloyd-Williams

The new Club Member area

This popular area has been upgraded to be mobile-friendly, and there are a number of significant improvements too…

1 Member EPayments data and links are now integrated, and captains can see who owes what

  • Members can see their own payment history, and link directly to PayPal to make payment (payment links were previously only visible via emailed invoices)
  • Captains can see the payment status of members of their team squads, including the amount they owe, if any.

2 Improved team availability system, in new Captain/Manager area

  • For captains to confirm availability for matches – sends ‘Yes/No/Maybe’ emails to selected members; Captains get email updates when members respond.
  • Captains can see members’ league registration status and payment status
  • Improved club-wide availability overview – so, if all captains use our system, members can see the whole club at a glance…

3 New results entry area

  • This will be the sole place for teams/clubs to enter results in future
  • Is replacing the SMS service, which is being retired
  • Makes it easier to see recent results entered, which may have been entered by others
  • Provides an email link to the relevant league administrator, so that teams can contact leagues with ease
  • Prompts captains to enter post-match details (who played/scored etc.)

4 Other interesting tweaks

  • The date that a member last updated their personal details is highlighted – this will help clubs understand how ‘fresh’ their members’ contact details are.
  • Club ‘groups’ are now visible – useful if your club wants to create a group of ‘coaches’ or ‘umpires’ or committee’ – you can now see who is in each group

England Hockey’s competitions are moving to another system: the implications

The comprehensive service we provide for leagues and clubs is largely unaffected by England Hockey’s decision to manage their own competitions using a different provider from the 2017/18 season.

There is no effect on the 112 other regional, county and local hockey leagues in the England which we look after – as England Hockey (EH) do not control them – and we remain interested in providing our services to those leagues not currently using us.

We have looked after the national leagues for 16 years, and national knockout competitions for 12, so naturally we are disappointed by this change.

It remains to be seen what effect this choice has for club web sites – many of which embed content from our system – including whether EH’s competitions data can be imported into our system.

We will publish more when we are clearer on this and related aspects.

If you  have any comments or questions, please mail us at

The 2016 new front end

We hope you like the new front end of FixturesLive – our fourth major makeover in 15 years. Mercifully the old designs are no longer visible.

As you will probably have seen, it is mobile-friendly – “responsive” in the lingo – so will fit desktop, tablet and mobile, and we’ve managed to do this without having to change the links that people use – which, I hope you can understand, is no small achievement (so we’re rather pleased with ourselves). Notable issues are:

  • this layout has been applied to all public pages, plus the small set of ‘user’ screens immediately after people log in (My Details and so on)
  • it’s easier to find things, and you can now save your favourites
  • the facility to subscribe to turn adverts off is to be set live shortly
  • more work will follow, to the public screens, so they will work better on mobile devices
  • our set of old-fashioned mobile-specific screens will be killed off at the end of October
  • We will be applying the same layout to popular ‘admin-side’ areas, starting with the Club Member area – this will take time, so bear with us

If you have any feedback, let us know.

For the geeks out there, we have used Twitter Bootstrap.