England Hockey’s competitions are moving to another system: the implications

The comprehensive service we provide for leagues and clubs is largely unaffected by England Hockey’s decision to manage their own competitions using a different provider from the 2017/18 season.

There is no effect on the 112 other regional, county and local hockey leagues in the England which we look after – as England Hockey (EH) do not control them – and we remain interested in providing our services to those leagues not currently using us.

We have looked after the national leagues for 16 years, and national knockout competitions for 12, so naturally we are disappointed by this change.

It remains to be seen what effect this choice has for club web sites – many of which embed content from our system – including whether EH’s competitions data can be imported into our system.

We will publish more when we are clearer on this and related aspects.

If you  have any comments or questions, please mail us at info@fixtureslive.com.

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