Fixture editing: a change

There are many clubs who like having all of their club’s fixtures on FixturesLive – even if some of their leagues have yet to join. This is particularly true of hockey in England, where, for some clubs, they just want to complete the full picture. Having 100% coverage of a club’s fixtures on FixturesLive helps everyone see what’s what in one place (usually plugged into a club’s own web site). It also helps Fixture Secretaries manage pitch bookings; captains manage availability, match fees and so on.

A lot of clubs have been adding their ‘missing’ league fixtures as friendlies for years, but that had limitations. We’ve been asked  to improve on this.

From now on, it is possible to add and edit friendlies and assign them to ‘away’ venues, and edit the time and notes for a fixture, to say ” Acme League Div 1″ to show that these are, in fact, league fixtures.

This will help relevant clubs, but, by opening things up a little, there is some scope for problems, because it is now possible for a club to create friendlies at your club, on your pitches, without your knowledge. We expect that any problems will be few, but we have upgraded the audit trail, and added it to the screens in the Club Admin area, so who can see what was changed, when, and by whom, and – importantly – their email address.

Friendlies will still appear as friendlies – no league tables will be generated – from the public side of things the only real change is that notes will now appear. But we hope this helps. Let us have any feedback by emailing us at

This is as far as we think we can go with clubs managing fixtures which aren’t in leagues.

To go further requires either the league to join FixturesLive, or for someone to take on the maintenance of a copy of the official league data, which was covered in this article: Publication policy change, and mixed feelings

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