FixturesLive is now part of the Teamer family

I’m pleased to announce that FixturesLive has joined Teamer.

As part of the Teamer family we’ll be able to integrate clubs and leagues with their very popular systems. They have 3m users in over 100,000 teams in over 50 countries, and many FixturesLive clubs and teams have been using them for many years, mainly via their their mobile team app.

There will be no changes to the FixturesLive systems for the coming winter season, nor to the support we have been providing for the last 17 years – so please carry on as normal. We will be in touch in the months ahead about changes and new features, to provide an improved and more joined-up experience for everyone.

I’d like to thank everyone for your help in building FixturesLive up to this point – some of you going back 17 years – and we look forward to helping you out for seasons to come.

If you have any comments, please let me know at

David Lloyd-Williams

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