Publication policy change, and mixed feelings…

We have, after 13 years, changed our publication policy, but with mixed feelings.

From now on, we will, if a club requests, allow the fixtures, results and tables of leagues that relate to the club in question to be displayed and managed in our system.

Why have we made this policy change?

Primarily because other companies have been displaying league tables etc. without the relevant league’s consent for a number of years, and we don’t want to exclude the clubs who rely on our system from doing the same. Clubs ask us to carry their leagues to help them simplify the management of their fixtures, selections and membership administration.

Why does FixturesLive have ‘mixed feelings’?

We serve nearly all hockey leagues in the UK, and most have been with us for over a decade. We respect leagues’ decisions not to use FixturesLive, however we would equally love them to be part of what we are trying to do.

We can see that the duplication of data will not be welcome by some leagues, but what we do serves all: clubs, governing bodies, supporters and, from this coming season, umpiring associations (via a new feature developed jointly with Tex Solutions), as well as leagues.

So we’re continually trying to balance everyone’s desires for the visibility of data, versus its control. We hope that, following this change, everyone will be able to see more of what we do. At the same time we are very conscious that this may affect leagues’ future decision-making. We very much hope everyone understands why we are making this change.

We continue to work towards a better-integrated and better-presented domestic hockey scene in the UK, for the benefit of all.

What are the principal benefits of using FixturesLive, for leagues?

  • All core features are free
  • A modern system, upgraded over time without cost
  • Leagues keep full management control
  • Easily plugged into any web site
  • Integrates with other leagues/cups at club level
    • clubs can manage all their venues/times in one place, across all leagues/cups
    • clubs can see all their fixtures/results integrated across all leagues/cups – giving them a single overview of what’s on by team and club
  • Integration with umpiring associations (to be completed shortly)
    • Fixture data inc. venues/times only entered once
    • Appointments visible via FixturesLive

Is it legal to duplicate league data?

We believe so, having taken legal advice. League data contains club data, so isn’t solely ‘owned’ by a league. We would much prefer that a league did own all its data, and we would be happy to respect that. We have done as much since 2001; others no longer do.

How will the data be managed?

Obviously accuracy is very important, so we will be asking the clubs involved to commit to keeping the duplicated data up to date. If any league would like assist by passing us, or the clubs, data, please do let me know. We will take action to deal with poorly-maintained data, as this is obviously counterproductive to all involved.

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