The 2016 new front end

We hope you like the new front end of FixturesLive – our fourth major makeover in 15 years. Mercifully the old designs are no longer visible.

As you will probably have seen, it is mobile-friendly – “responsive” in the lingo – so will fit desktop, tablet and mobile, and we’ve managed to do this without having to change the links that people use – which, I hope you can understand, is no small achievement (so we’re rather pleased with ourselves). Notable issues are:

  • this layout has been applied to all public pages, plus the small set of ‘user’ screens immediately after people log in (My Details and so on)
  • it’s easier to find things, and you can now save your favourites
  • the facility to subscribe to turn adverts off is to be set live shortly
  • more work will follow, to the public screens, so they will work better on mobile devices
  • our┬áset of old-fashioned mobile-specific screens will be killed off at the end of October
  • We will be applying the same layout to popular ‘admin-side’ areas, starting with the Club Member area – this will take time, so bear with us

If you have any feedback, let us know.

For the geeks out there, we have used Twitter Bootstrap.

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