The new Club Member area

This popular area has been upgraded to be mobile-friendly, and there are a number of significant improvements too…

1 Member EPayments data and links are now integrated, and captains can see who owes what

  • Members can see their own payment history, and link directly to PayPal to make payment (payment links were previously only visible via emailed invoices)
  • Captains can see the payment status of members of their team squads, including the amount they owe, if any.

2 Improved team availability system, in new Captain/Manager area

  • For captains to confirm availability for matches – sends ‘Yes/No/Maybe’ emails to selected members; Captains get email updates when members respond.
  • Captains can see members’ league registration status and payment status
  • Improved club-wide availability overview – so, if all captains use our system, members can see the whole club at a glance…

3 New results entry area

  • This will be the sole place for teams/clubs to enter results in future
  • Is replacing the SMS service, which is being retired
  • Makes it easier to see recent results entered, which may have been entered by others
  • Provides an email link to the relevant league administrator, so that teams can contact leagues with ease
  • Prompts captains to enter post-match details (who played/scored etc.)

4 Other interesting tweaks

  • The date that a member last updated their personal details is highlighted – this will help clubs understand how ‘fresh’ their members’ contact details are.
  • Club ‘groups’ are now visible – useful if your club wants to create a group of ‘coaches’ or ‘umpires’ or committee’ – you can now see who is in each group
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One thought on “The new Club Member area

  1. Shame about retiring the SMS system. That works very well, does not need a smart phone and does not require me to login.

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